Friday, August 7, 2009

The pace of summer...

Summer is such an awesome season...

We have been blessed in recent days with warm-evening fellowship with friends, hard work in the hot sun and the refreshment of cold peach iced tea. We have also been experiencing the joy of being with family...

This time of living with Josh's parents is proving to be a precious one. Our children are logging invaluble hours with grandpa & grandma...reading stories, wrestling, hammering nails and making muffins. It has been a time of creating countless memories for our children (and grandma & grandpa) to enjoy for many years.

We know this is only for a short time and so we are enjoying the long days of summer...for we know they are going to be over too soon.

Yesterday, Levi was making up a song as we rode in the went something like this:

"I love my mommy,
I love my daddy,
I love my Ella Mae,
I love my grandma,
I love my grandpa,
I love my hammer..."

He loves living with grandpa (and grandma) and his favorite thing to do is "do some work" with grandpa. Wherever grandpa is working...on the tractor, hammering nails, hanging doors...Levi is there. A little shadow, watching his every move.

It's priceless.

Thank you Dad & Mom McPherson, for having us here in your home...for loving and mentoring your grandchildren, for sharing your "space", for teaching us through your examples...
we love you and are treasuring this time together.

Ahhhhhh...sweet summer.