Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another first...

Ella Mae is having so many "firsts" lately.

First Apple Sox game.
First time to ride a horse.
First of our children to reach the "whole hand" age (5). 
First lunch out with just her and daddy (Los Camperos!). 
First Bluegrass festival.
First piano lesson (don't worry, I'll post some pics soon).

She is growing up so quickly. And I tell you what...some kids would be overwhelmed by all these new things. Some kids might need to slow down the pace a little because the people and new experiences would be too much. 

But my daughter is not one of them.
She thrives on this stuff. And expresses it as follows:

-After an evening concert with Grandma, Aunt Tami, & Nana..."It was totally packed...I mean totally. There were people everywhere.  It was UN-believable." 
-After returning from the Apple Sox game with Grandpa & Papa..."I had a FABulous time." (much emphasis on the FAB-ulous) 
-Regarding her lunch with daddy..."The salsa was SO good mom, I ate it all. I mean, every last drop."
-After the Cashmere Bluegrass festival..."The music was amazing. I think I'm going to play the violin next."
-Of her recent piano lesson with her talented Great Aunt Tami..."Aunt Tami says I am an excellent student. I love being a student mom."
-After a very enjoyable first horse ride on sweet Freed, Mr. Grette's horse..."I wasn't sure at first, but then I was like, this is SO fun. I mean, I totally enjoyed it."

Today was yet another first. 
First trip to the dentist. 
The big treat about this was that she got to have her teeth checked by her Auntie Tarah (at a fabulous place in Wenatchee.)
And what did she have to say about this?
I overheard her as she told her brother all about it..."You don't need to be afraid Levi. They just check on your teeth with this thing called "Mr.Thirsty" and it doesn't hurt at all. And you get to pick a prize when you're done and it was great. Really."

It was great. And so is she.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I love 'em...

Tonight I have nothing more to say than, I love 'em. 
I am so thankful for my little family (Amelia included, even though she's not pictured...she's still too young to wrestle).

Tonight after daddy got home and we had some yummy dinner (thanks Aunt Tarah), we played outside in the grass. 

The evening was perfect. 
And my children were having so much fun with their daddy that I ran and got the camera.

And this is what I saw...
Thank you Lord for these gifts...
I love them dearly.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day...

For the fathers in my life...

Thank you Dad for teaching me how to be creative, how to make the best of any situation and how to think outside the "box" to solve a problem.
Thank you for family prayers, for reading your Bible and for teaching me how to listen to God speak to my heart.
Thank you for sharing your love of family, heritage and memories.
Thank you for singing to me and sharing your love of music.
And thank you for always being ready to go get some ice cream!

Thank you Greg (my father-in-law) for raising your son in such a Godly way, so he could love and lead me as my husband.
Thank you for praying for me and treating me as if I was your own daughter.
Thank you for your encouraging words, shared at opportune times.
And thank you for your selfless servant-hood to our entire family.

Thank you Joshua, my husband, the father of our children, for being the man you were raised to be.
For taking the time to love your children, wrestle with them, pray over them, teach them and disciple them.
Thank you for leading our home and setting the course for our children.
Thank you for loving Christ first and then me.
Thank you for blessing our home with music and sharing the gift with your children.
Thank you for reading the Bible to our children, praying over them and blessing them.
Thank you for leading our family to the cross in times of suffering and for teaching our children that Christ is better than anything.
I love you and am proud to call you my husband.

Happy Father's Day to the men in my life...
I am truly blessed.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just good stuff...

Okay, okay...so this book wasn't on my reading list
Well, now it officially is. It's brought conviction with every page...well, almost every paragraph.

Enjoy. (and then repent...I know I am.)

Now, here is the unvarnished truth that we need to lay to heart. Even though our hearts have been renewed, even though we have been freed from the absolute dominion of sin, even though God’s Holy Spirit dwells within our bodies, this principle of sin still lurks within us and wages war against our souls.  It is the failure to recognize the awful reality of this truth that provides the fertile soil in which our “respectable” or “ acceptable” sins grow and flourish.
We who are believers tend to evaluate our character and conduct relative to the moral culture in which we live.  Since we usually live at a higher moral standard than society at large, it is easy for us to feel good about ourselves and to assume that God feels that way also.  We fail to reckon with the reality of sin still dwelling within us.

Respectable Sins, Jerry Bridges, p.24

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carrying the load...

Today I am so very thankful for a gift the Lord gave me many years ago...

My husband. 

This weekend, I had a fun road trip where we (me and some girlfriends) got to reminiscing about the days when we met and fell in love with our husbands. 

It brought back so many wonderful memories of the man I was privileged to forge a love with so many years ago (make that 10 years!). And it reminded me yet again of how very proud I am of him.  
It made me thankful all over again for the way he has lead me in our marriage.  
It made me teary as I thought of all the things he has taught me and worked to help me through.  
It filled me with joy as I thought of the trials and sufferings we have endured in our married life, only to experience deeper joy in Christ and each other when the trial had ended.

And how vital our personal relationships with Christ are in order to make this wonderful relationship work.

And speaking of my man...He has absolutely hit the ball out of the park recently on the GCC blog. If you are not reading these morsels of insight & truth, you are missing out. Go check it out...be challenged, refreshed, encouraged and motivated.

I know I am.

I am proud of you Joshua...proud to call you my man.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5 years ago...

June 2nd, 2005 is a very special day in the McPherson household...
After spending 3 weeks in Seattle on bedrest (sound familiar?), I went in to have my weekly non-stress test with our high-risk OB...but as we were in the test, I began having more regular contractions.  After being checked and found to be dilated to a 3, our OB said, "It's time." 
What? Now? Three weeks early?
A phone call to Josh, his 80 mph drive to Seattle and a couple of tests later...our little girl was born. 

Audra Mae Isabella McPherson
"Overcomer of many difficulties...gift of God...consecrated to God"

And our lives have never been the same...
Nicknamed Ella Mae ("beautiful, gift of God"), this little baby has grown into a remarkable young lady. 
I am honored to be called "mommy". 
And cannot imagine life without her

We are celebrating her 5th birthday this week, 
And we are thanking God for 5 incredible years that He has entrusted her to our care. And we ask that He would grant many more. 

Who is this little girl becoming? I don't have room nor words that could come close to describing her...

She is a vivacious little lady, equipped with an incredible mind, a beautiful voice and a love for all things yummy. 
Her favorite color is purple.
She likes all kinds of animals and is affectionately known in our house as the "bug-killer"and sometimes, the "worm-whisperer".
She loves to read and is quickly learning to do so on her own. 
Her ear for music is far beyond her years and she cannot wait to start piano lessons.
She has no fear of any physical endeavor and is a relentless wrestler with daddy. 
She is a very verbal encourager to all those around her. 
She is incredibly observant.
She has a memory like an elephant...especially for people's names.
She is sweet, loves cuddling and wants to be a "nurse-mommy-music writer-piano player-volleyball coach-singer-ballerina" when she grows up.

Oh, Ella Mae...you are such a beautiful little lady with so many wonderful gifts from the Lord. Your daddy and I are so excited to see what you will grow up to be. We are confident the Lord has incredible plans for your little life...to bring Him glory.  
That's why He made you so special... 

We love you so very much...our little girl.