Friday, September 16, 2011

He does it again...

(Warning: Long sappy post ahead. But the story must be told.) :o)

After 12 years of incredible surprises, epic adventures and romantic outings, you'd think I would get better at figuring it out. You'd think I would know my husband so well that I can tell exactly what he is thinking, even if he is trying to surprise me.

Still can't.
He can still TOTALLY surprise me.
And I love it.

Thursday night we headed out for our 36 hours of child-free 10th anniversary celebrating "vacation". Blessed by family who took care of our children, then by friends who had a lovely place for us to stay...we were pumped to just be together, celebrating all the Lord has done these past 10 years!
As we are getting ready to leave the house to head to dinner, Josh nonchalantly asks if I want to go on a little hike up Eagle Rock.

"You know, catch the sunset. You're always wanting to go hike. Let's do it. We'll grab a late dinner."
I say I'm feeling a little tired, but after thinking about it for a very short time, I say "Let's go!"

Eagle Rock is a special place for us, because 11 years ago, in that exact place is where this man told me he loved me and presented me with a pearl necklace from Hawaii that he had bought at the age of 16. He had saved the necklace to give it to his future wife someday.

Yes. He did. He really bought it at age 16 and saved it for 7 years until he met me. True story.

So 11 years ago we had hiked up this same mountain and as we had ventured through the woods, I was directed to follow a trail of red roses all the way to the summit. This led to a wonderful picnic on a breathtaking precipice, overlooking the city.  

There were candles lit, music playing, and food waiting. The necklace was presented. The story told. And "I love you" was said for the very first time.

Be still my heart you say? But wait, there's more.

Jump ahead with me 11 years to now. An impromptu hike to find the old place we had once been. To remember all the Lord has done and thank Him for his goodness. He lets me lead a while, "which way is it again?", he says.

I boldly walk on and as we summit the mountain, the sun drops behind the hills and the view is breathtaking. "Let's see if we can find our old spot," I say. So I turn the corner and tucked there in the rock, I see:

Candles lit, music playing and food waiting. 
Except this time, a 10th anniversary ring was presented and "I love you" was said over and over.

What can I say, the man is amazing. And super huge thanks to some awesome friends, who helped him pull it off, then hiked in to bring us some incredible homemade dessert. The night was a blast.
And I was totally and completely surprised...

Off we go...

At the top (hadn't seen the surprise yet)...

Our favorite place...

Candles, music, food...

...and an 80 foot drop off. :o)

My personal DJ...

My favorite foods...

the view....

My man...

Oh, and there were flowers too!

So happy...

Mr. Prepared

the ring!

Us and our super-sneaky friends...

Here's to 50 more years...

Last look at the city...
So after 10 years, how do I feel?

I love my husband.
And I hope he keeps surprising me for the next 50 years.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


10 incredible years,

9 million kisses given,

8 seasons of "24" enjoyed,

7 moves to a new location,

6 "mountains" climbed,

5 months of bedrest endured,

4 homes remodeled,

3 beautiful children born,

2 basements lived in,

1 unbelievable man.
And I can't wait for 50 more...
Happy Anniversary Love. 

I love you.