Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So thankful...

As many of you know, we had an emergent trip to Children's last week. 
The only thing I can say is that we are SO incredibly thankful for the grace of the Lord and his provision through doctors, specialists and the faithful prayers of his saints. We were blessed beyond words by the quick notes, texts, emails and messages washing us with the Word to encourage our hearts and strengthen our minds during this ordeal.

Ella awoke Thursday morning after 2 days of very high fever.  During the course of the morning (about 30 minutes), she began having what appeared to be a "seizure" with stiffening of both hands, wrists & arms accompanied by headache & neck pain.  It was very scary for her (and us). And we were unsure if the stiffening would continue to the rest of her body!

We were unsure if this had something to do with her shunt or scar tissue on her back (tethered cord) or the Chiari II malformation at the base of her skull...the possibilities seemed endless and scary.
After quick & frantic phone calls to our specialists at Children's, we were on our way...fast.

Upon arrival, we were quickly connected with our specialist, Dr. Walker (an incredible doctor & very caring man...we are so thankful for this guy!) who examined Ella for over an hour.  During that time, we were able to rule out the worst...but were unable to come up with a final & definitive “diagnosis” or explanation for her symptoms.

We were able to return home that evening...a wonderful homecoming! Levi & Amelia had been graciously cared for by Carey & Tarah (on very short notice!)...and Ella was so happy to be back in her own home.
Heading into Children's

Exam by Dr. Walker...
Wish I would've snapped more pictures, but the days events were so hectic that I didn't think of it!
Ella was amazing...through much poking, prodding, question-asking and testing, she remained collected & cooperative. And so sweet. 
What a gift she is to us. And it was in these tense moments that we once again thanked the Lord for her life, her story & the days we get to spend with her.

Thank you again for your prayers...we are truly grateful.