Monday, May 25, 2009

Beautiful girl...

Just wanted to post the most recent pics of our little girl, who is fast approaching birthday number four.
These fabulous pictures were taken, once again, by our friend and truly gifted photographer Jocelyn Edlin. Who uses her camera to bless many.

We had the joy of hosting her and her sister in our home last weekend. Jocelyn blessed our church family with her creative gifts and we can't wait til she comes again.

Thank you Jocelyn...we loved hosting you and spending some time with you and your sister! We hope you will return soon.

And thank you again for these wonderful pictures...we cannot pick a favorite.

(all photos were taken by Jocelyn And used with permission...please check her website out and use her to bless your family with pictures that will be cherished for years to come!)


Joce said...

Wow!!! These are gorgeous and the photographer has a GREAT name!!

paige said...

Your daughter is beautiful. I love your willingness to share about the things in your life that have been difficult but so redemptive. Trevor and I have only met you a couple of times, but we are so encouraged by your faith. God bless your family!
-the trevor maitland family
trevor, paige, and piper