Monday, September 21, 2009

Ella's Singing Debut

A couple of weeks ago, GCC had family camp in Easton, WA. It was a wonderful, albeit rainy, time with the people of our church community. One night was "GCC's Got Talent"...and Ella had been asking to sing since she heard about it.

Here's how it went...

...followed by a standing ovation.

Proud mommy had some tears at the end. And proud brother did too because he didn't get to "play the dwums". Maybe next year Levi.


aejames said...

It was incredible...great job Ella! I'm so blessed I got to hear it live too!

Your favorite Adam

Krista said...

I'm so glad to find your blog! And so awed by this beautiful girl that you have!

Joce said...

What a precious angel she is. You are instilling in her amazing truths from such a young age~it's beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Made my day!

mistique49 said...

I loved it! It can bring tears to the eye even after the fact and thousands of miles away! So fun to hear how everything is going.

the Messers

Drummer Dave said...

Wanted you to know that clip made my day. Hope all is well with you two.