Friday, May 14, 2010

A Beautiful Day...

Yesterday, Josh and I had our second "lunch date" since I've been out of the hospital.  We started this new thing where I go to his office (or wherever he's studying) and bring him lunch.  It's not just a date for us to hang has a deeper purpose.  
We use it to discuss calendar, childcare, future plans and more.  Sometimes we dream.  Or we talk about our children's latest parenting needs.  Or we pray.  Or we talk about finances.  Or we talk about us. But whatever we talk about, we get to sit and look each other in the eye, listening and engaging...without the sweet distraction of our children.

We've tried something like this before, but it was always in the evening, at the end of the day.  The problem with that time slot is that usually we are both tired from the day and end up falling asleep before we can even start a discussion! 
The problem however wasn't that we didn't want to but that it was the wrong time of day!  We figured out that if we used a lunch time during the week, we both felt like we were accomplishing all we needed. 

He was in a working-mode and able to put his full mind and attention to discuss the needs at hand.  And I felt like it was a treat to be with my husband in the middle of the day, talking about important stuff...minus the kids!  And we were both giving each other and our marriage, the quality time it deserved. Not just the leftovers at the end of the day...when we're both exhausted.
So I am very excited.  Being a woman who thrives on a plan, these meetings are a boost to my confidence and a vital part of Josh & I staying connected in the midst of busy and full lives.

This would definitely be more difficult however, if it weren't for our current living situation.  Auntie Tarah (and occasionally Uncle Mac) have cared for our children in order for these lunch "dates" to happen. And we are very grateful!

So since we just had one of these "dates" yesterday, I thought I would share with you my renewed motivation to stay the course. I come away encouraged in my role, confident in my husband, thankful for my Savior and excited for the days ahead. 

It truly was a beautiful day...with many more to come, I pray.

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