Monday, November 21, 2011

Good news...

How does one put this in a blog post? 

1. Should I be witty? 
2. Come up with a riddle?
3. Inscribe it in the snow and take a picture for you all to read? 
4. Or should I just be blunt and come right out and say it?

Okay...I think I'll go with number four.
Hmmmm, that's funny...number four. 

What could be so significant about that?

Well, it just so happens we're expecting baby number four. 
Yup, there ya go.
I just said it. 
No wittiness, no riddles to solve, no creative inscription in the snow. 
Just blunt, pregnant little me...telling all of you the happy news.

Come May, we will be parents of four. 
Four blessings...four miracles...four little people that we get to call our children.
We are very thankful. 

And so looking forward to meeting number four. 


smileyhomebrew said...

God has big plans for this little one and your family! We will pray for health and energy in the coming months. It was good to see you in October and our sincere hope is to be able to reconnect sometime relatively soon since Paul's schedule is a bit kinder now (other than deployment of course). :) FYI we will be in the Seattle area and Oregon the last week of January if you happen to be around maybe we could figure something out.
God bless you my friend.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I read the title 'Good News' in my spirit I knew you were preggo! Eeekkkkk! Sssoooo excited for you guys! As a mother of 4 myself, I love love love it!!! How exciting!!! Congratulations!!! You guys are such amazing parents!!!!! Many blessings to u thru the coming months!~ Jocelyn

Proud Parents said...

Congratulations! Where did you move to that you already had gorgeous snow pictures?

Proud Parents said...

FYI - Proud Parents are Dave and Pam Arthur Should have signed my note so you'd know!

Knapp said...

Yesssss I was told before the blog post!!!!!!

Olivia Pothoff said...

SO, SO happy for you all, Sharon! Praying for a healthy pregnancy for you and this little one! Much love always, ~Liv :)

Krista said...

congratulations! so exciting! we were trying for #3 and got 3 and 4 together!
will you tell me how you do 3 so I can have some handle on it? ;)

John & Hannah said...

Congratulations! :) So excited for you!