Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Returning to Washington...

We are officially back on "God's side of the mountains", as my husband so affectionately calls it. We made a "little" move on February 20th, bringing only the essentials...clothes, important papers, cell phones, and my food from Trader Joe's. :o)

We have been settling back into life here in Leavenworth, where we are excited to again be sharing a home with Josh's parents (although I think they feel like they are in an old Cosby show episode where the kids always come back...and they even bring their small children!) :o)

I am excited to share some things I've been learning during these days. In fact, things I've been learning over this past year. What a ride it has been...and what a blast! From April of last year until now...we have enjoyed some of the most wonderful fellowship with family, adventures in moving and growing relationships with friends, old and new.

So as I am unpacking here in Leavenworth, I will also start unpacking some of those wonderful memories to share with you. I think you will enjoy them.

Stay tuned...

P.S. Here's a couple pics of our recent days here in Washington...enjoy.

Puzzles with Nana

Snow in March?

Happy hiker at Aunt Helen's


gesuslover said...

What wonderful pictures....washington is so beautiful. I am so glad your home SHARON!!!!

Tarah McPherson said...

It is encouraging to me to see how faithful the Lord is. I am blessed to see His goodness in a woman, wife, and mother such as you! Love you dear sister!