Monday, February 9, 2009

Mentoring...Part II

My father-in-law should be the “poster-boy” for mentoring. He thrives on it, teaches it, lives it and has seen it work over and over. I remember hearing him speak about the mentors in his life. Each one for a different topic…time management, theology, finances, ministry, family, etc…

And I remember thinking, “He hasn’t met half these guys, in fact, most of them are dead”.

My thought had always been that a mentor had to be someone you knew. But no, a mentor is someone whom you allow to speak into your life, either by being physically in their presence or through their books or teachings. It is someone you admire and want to emulate, usually in their area of expertise. You see their fruit, and want to grow your garden the same way.

My father-in-law has filled his mind with reading, information and teachings of countless men, each an expert in their field. And he has taken their things to heart and they have changed his life. He has allowed himself to be mentored by them.

And then, he mentored his sons in this passion for mentoring. And each of those sons is in turn mentoring their wives…and their children. (I am speaking confidently because I know Carey and Tarah will mentor their little one-on-the-way!)

To prove my point, and to add some credibility to my thoughts, I would encourage you to
click here to view a recent blog by my brother-in-law, Carey. (His second point is a favorite of mine.) He is speaking of and exemplifying the exact things his father taught him.

They are challenging. And they are good.

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