Monday, February 2, 2009

Mentoring...with guitars???

"The Three Macs"

The big jump at the end...

Oh yeah...
These pictures capture some serious mentoring going on in the McPherson basement. Levi is obsessed with his guitar and wants to be just like Daddy & Uncle Mac. He wants a pic, a capo…whatever daddy & Uncle Mac have, he needs.

I'm trying to post a video of the latest jam session (once I figure out this whole YouTube thing!)...these concerts are taking place most evenings before bed nowadays. What a great way to end the day.

Levi picks up new things everytime…a new way to strum, a jump at the end, a cool new facial expression…

He’s learning, he’s paying attention to his daddy and uncle and doing everything he can to be like them.

And thus in the process, he is being mentored. Okay, so it may sound like a strong word for such silly pictures…but the concept rings true.

Levi is seeking someone older, with experience and expertise in the thing he wants to be good at and is learning and imitating all that he can.

Don’t worry, we’re mentoring him in other things as well. You know…hunting, fishing, bravery, protecting his sister. Good old boy stuff. :o)

But it is a good way for this mother to be reminded of the influential little minds that sit under my teaching, my mentoring, every day.
They will probably act like me.
They will view Christ the way I portray Him.
They will judge others by how I speak of them.
They will value God’s Word based on the impact it has on our daily life.
And they will handle suffering the way it has been modeled to them.

Whoa. The thought is motivating to say the least and is what causes me to be on my knees, breathing prayers for wisdom as we parent these little ones in our care.

And mentoring…influence…imitating, is not limited to the mothers and fathers I know.

The young woman, maybe in her teens or college years, should be seeking out a woman whom she admires…to learn from and listen to. Another woman of influence, along with her mother.

The young nurse should be observing and approaching a veteran to ask questions, build support and learn all she can as she starts a new career.

The “older” woman, whose children are grown, should be seeking young women…maybe newly married or new mothers…to mentor, support, pray for and love, passing on the experience and knowledge of their years lived and challenges faced.

The husband, should be leading, mentoring, assisting and encouraging his wife to grow into the Godly woman he knows she can be. Being a gatekeeper for his home and protector for his wife.

The opportunities are endless and the excuses are almost as many.

I have been challenged, encouraged and convicted in recent days on the benefits and long-term effects of mentoring. Mentoring has always been important to me and I have benefited from many mentors in my life.

I’d like to take some time to reflect on some of them individually over the next couple of days.
Rock on...

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