Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mentoring...Part III

One of my most recent mentors has been Ruth Bell Graham. I was gifted a great little book entitled “Celebrating An Extraordinary Life” (from another woman I would consider a recent mentor, Sono Harris). It is a compilation of observations and notes on the life of Ruth Graham, wife of evangelist Billy Graham. Some notes are by her, but most are from those around her, closest to her…those who knew her best.

Although I am not married to a world-renowned & famous man of God (while this may yet be his calling!), I am still gaining wisdom and insight on how to manage a home, engage the culture and handle the different challenges that come with marriage to a man in full-time pastoral ministry.

One of my favorite portions is this recollection by her daughter…

“The way she thinks, the way she talks, and the way she encourages is based on her faith. The Bible is truly her favorite book. How do you become that way? She was forced to make Jesus her best friend for a lot of reasons: because she was alone a lot, because she had to be private. I’m sure that desire grew and it just became natural to her…”

Since her husband was more or less a “celebrity”, Ruth kept her life and that of her children very private. Not many friends, not a lot of outings, etc… And her husband was sometimes gone as much as 9 months out of a year.

I don’t know about you, but I am blessed to be married to my best friend. And in these past months of him being gone half of every week, I have not always sought my Savior as my best friend.
There have been times that I have been quick to do so and the fellowship with my Lord has been sweet, the encouragement almost tangible, and the blessings remarkable.

But there have been other days when I think selfishly, “I just want my husband to be home…and I think I want him to be a plumber”.

Obviously this is not my true heart’s desire, for I know the talents and calling the Lord has placed upon my husband and I joy in being his wife and supporting him in serving the Lord.

And I am finding joy more and more in seeking the Lord as my best friend and only constant support. Especially in those times when my husband is away.

For He is never gone and never busy…His love is unconditional and His promises are true…my greatest joy is in Him and He will never disappoint.

And really, seeking Him in these days is one of the best ways I can serve my husband. And cherish my Lord.

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gesuslover said...

The greatest asset I believe of a Mentor is they are not aware they are one. Sharon you are one of many great mentors thankyou for living out your faith so unselfishly. Others are blessed by Gods work in your life. All the Glory to God.