Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2 Weeks...

Well, little Miss Amelia is 2 weeks old today. The time has flown by...and I am so enjoying getting back into life with my little family.  
One of the most enjoyable parts of my return home is being able to just be a part of everyday life again.  Being able to have conversations with my kids, play pretend prince & princess, sleep in the same bed as my husband, and sit down to eat dinner together as a family...these times have been priceless.

Today, Ella was talking with me about heaven. "I think heaven will smell like pears and strawberries, Mother."  Sounds good to me sweetheart. 

And the other night, Levi dressed up as "bad-king pharoah/prince-guy/super hero" and ran around the house.  This picture will be filed in my "future wedding slide-show" folder. :o)
 And then there are the fleeting moments of Miss Amelia's "baby stage".  The moments of her sleeping sweetly on daddy's chest...
All of these times, and many more, have been so precious to me over the last couple weeks.  I am so thankful for the perspective I have been given during my time away from is a heart full of thankfulness and humility at the blessings and grace that the Lord pours out on our home every day.  

And it is an appreciation for the little things, the daily things, the "mundane" things that truly bring such joy.

Thank you Lord for my family...for my husband, my children, my home.  And thank you for your Son, your love and your grace. I am truly blessed beyond measure.


Proud Parents said...

Thanks for the update on everyone. I had to laugh already at the "wedding slideshow" picture. Great idea!

Joce said...

Such a sweet precious family! Love reading the updates!