Thursday, February 17, 2011

One year old...

Today I am one.

I love to smile.

I like to "talk" really loud so my big brother & sister can hear me.

I am crawling everywhere and am pulling up on anything that will stay still. Then I like to let go and see how long I can stand. I am getting pretty good at that trick.

I do not like to take steps when mommy is holding my hands, but I do like to push the chair around the room and take steps.

I love taking baths and my body almost shakes with excitement when I hear the water running.

When you say "How big is Amelia?", I like to reach both my hands high up in the air as you say "So big!".

I love my snuggly yellow blanket and my little stuffed sheep. They are my friends when I am sleeping.

I like blueberries, apples, pears, yogurt and pancakes. These are my favorite things to eat right now.

I love to snuggle with mommy, wrestle with daddy, get tickled by Levi and get kissed by Ella Mae.

I am growing bigger everyday.

I love my little life.

Today I am one.
I arrive...

I am smiley...
I am cute...
Happy Birthday to me...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to dear sweet Amelia!!! :)


Krista said...

So so cute! It's fun to see Noah doing a lot of those same things, they are exactly one month apart and I didn't realize it! :)
Happy Birthday Amelia!