Friday, February 25, 2011

The prayers of a wife...

"The implications of woman’s origin are profound. Her
dignity and worth, her necessity, her role in life and marriage,
and her unique beauty have been established by God from the
beginning. She was made to be a man’s faithful helper. 

And there is no greater help she can offer him than her prayers on
his behalf to the One who alone can provide perfect, sovereign

When the psalmist sings, “I lift my eyes to the hills.
From where does my help come?” he answers his own
question with the words, “My help comes from the LORD who
made heaven and earth.” 

You are not sufficient succor for him. A stronger Hand must come to his aid. 
Blessed is the wife who pleads often for this mighty Hand to keep her
husband’s life; who begs for him at the gates of Grace. This is
the sort of woman who fears the LORD, feels her own weakness,
and finds refuge and righteousness in Jesus Christ. 

She wants God for her husband. She is to be praised." 

by Andrew Case in "Prayers of an Excellent Wife"

These are my thoughts today. 
I want God for my husband. 
I am so feeble, fickle, selfish and corrupt. 
My help will fall short every time.

Thank you Lord for the chance to be a "helpmate" to this man you have gifted to me. 
Use me to help him, honor him and love him and may I pray for him with fervent zeal as if his life, our lives depended on it. 

Our lives do depend on it Lord...for we depend solely on you. 

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