Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another first...

Ella Mae is having so many "firsts" lately.

First Apple Sox game.
First time to ride a horse.
First of our children to reach the "whole hand" age (5). 
First lunch out with just her and daddy (Los Camperos!). 
First Bluegrass festival.
First piano lesson (don't worry, I'll post some pics soon).

She is growing up so quickly. And I tell you what...some kids would be overwhelmed by all these new things. Some kids might need to slow down the pace a little because the people and new experiences would be too much. 

But my daughter is not one of them.
She thrives on this stuff. And expresses it as follows:

-After an evening concert with Grandma, Aunt Tami, & Nana..."It was totally packed...I mean totally. There were people everywhere.  It was UN-believable." 
-After returning from the Apple Sox game with Grandpa & Papa..."I had a FABulous time." (much emphasis on the FAB-ulous) 
-Regarding her lunch with daddy..."The salsa was SO good mom, I ate it all. I mean, every last drop."
-After the Cashmere Bluegrass festival..."The music was amazing. I think I'm going to play the violin next."
-Of her recent piano lesson with her talented Great Aunt Tami..."Aunt Tami says I am an excellent student. I love being a student mom."
-After a very enjoyable first horse ride on sweet Freed, Mr. Grette's horse..."I wasn't sure at first, but then I was like, this is SO fun. I mean, I totally enjoyed it."

Today was yet another first. 
First trip to the dentist. 
The big treat about this was that she got to have her teeth checked by her Auntie Tarah (at a fabulous place in Wenatchee.)
And what did she have to say about this?
I overheard her as she told her brother all about it..."You don't need to be afraid Levi. They just check on your teeth with this thing called "Mr.Thirsty" and it doesn't hurt at all. And you get to pick a prize when you're done and it was great. Really."

It was great. And so is she.

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