Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day...

For the fathers in my life...

Thank you Dad for teaching me how to be creative, how to make the best of any situation and how to think outside the "box" to solve a problem.
Thank you for family prayers, for reading your Bible and for teaching me how to listen to God speak to my heart.
Thank you for sharing your love of family, heritage and memories.
Thank you for singing to me and sharing your love of music.
And thank you for always being ready to go get some ice cream!

Thank you Greg (my father-in-law) for raising your son in such a Godly way, so he could love and lead me as my husband.
Thank you for praying for me and treating me as if I was your own daughter.
Thank you for your encouraging words, shared at opportune times.
And thank you for your selfless servant-hood to our entire family.

Thank you Joshua, my husband, the father of our children, for being the man you were raised to be.
For taking the time to love your children, wrestle with them, pray over them, teach them and disciple them.
Thank you for leading our home and setting the course for our children.
Thank you for loving Christ first and then me.
Thank you for blessing our home with music and sharing the gift with your children.
Thank you for reading the Bible to our children, praying over them and blessing them.
Thank you for leading our family to the cross in times of suffering and for teaching our children that Christ is better than anything.
I love you and am proud to call you my husband.

Happy Father's Day to the men in my life...
I am truly blessed.

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