Friday, June 11, 2010

Just good stuff...

Okay, this book wasn't on my reading list
Well, now it officially is. It's brought conviction with every page...well, almost every paragraph.

Enjoy. (and then repent...I know I am.)

Now, here is the unvarnished truth that we need to lay to heart. Even though our hearts have been renewed, even though we have been freed from the absolute dominion of sin, even though God’s Holy Spirit dwells within our bodies, this principle of sin still lurks within us and wages war against our souls.  It is the failure to recognize the awful reality of this truth that provides the fertile soil in which our “respectable” or “ acceptable” sins grow and flourish.
We who are believers tend to evaluate our character and conduct relative to the moral culture in which we live.  Since we usually live at a higher moral standard than society at large, it is easy for us to feel good about ourselves and to assume that God feels that way also.  We fail to reckon with the reality of sin still dwelling within us.

Respectable Sins, Jerry Bridges, p.24

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My name is Frances said...

Hi Sharon!

I was SO encouraged to talk to you in the short time we met, but Lord willing we can communicate thru blogs, and any other means. Thank you for sharing your family story and blessings God brought thru the trial. May the Lord continue to reveal himself to you and your family through the cross. Have a great day and hope all is well

Btw, great quote, I'm convicted!
-Frances Tibayan