Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Helen...

Today is April 10.  
It is a special day.
First of all, today is Grandpa Carey's birthday.
And that is very special.
Also, it is Saturday.
Which is always a plus.
But the reason I think it is really special is because it is my friend Helen's birthday. 

You've probably heard me talk about my friend Helen before...
-She's the one that does really cool things with a sewing machine (wish I could do that), making cute aprons right & left.  Or wonderful blankets and bedding for my children. She should have an etsy shop (hint, hint Helen!).
-She's the one with the same little red Bible as me. We weren't together when we bought them, but we picked the exact same one.  Fun little coincidence.
-She's a real cowgirl. I may be from Texas, but she's actually rode a horse.  And not just rode one, she's won trophies because she's so good at it. I just like that about her.
-She's my party-planning-partner.
We love showers, women's events, and tea parties for no reason except to get together, eat really yummy food, dress up a little and bless the socks off the person it's for. I don't plan a party without her. Unless the party is for her, of course. And even then, that's really hard for me to do.
-She's a really good and adventurous cook.  She's not afraid to try something new...and it always turns out really good! 
Some personal favorites of mine are her apricot-sage scones, homemade rustic bread, and lemon meringue pie. 
-She's married to my husband's cousin.
So we're not just friends, we're related. Super plus.
-She's a godly woman, striving to serve her husband, train her child (soon to be children plural!) and serve her Lord. She challenges me by her voracious desire to learn, her devotion to serve & bless her husband in every way, her love for Jesus, her humble spirit, and her genuine heart for hospitality.
Recently, it looked as though they were going to have to move out of state.  My heart sank. How sad it would be to see my friend move away. But thankfully, it did not have to be so.  And I am looking forward to another year filled with fabulous memories with my close friend who still lives close. Yay! 

Happy Birthday Helen...I love you my friend. And I thank the Lord for your life today.

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Delena said...

I love that Helen! I met her at the hospital way back yonder and she has a special place in my heart, too. I wish I were related!