Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reading, reading, reading...

These days of bedrest and the inability to care for my husband & children have been difficult days.  For almost 6 weeks now, we have been in this schedule. 
Me in Wenatchee, the kids and my husband in Leavenworth. 
Our wonderful family stepping in to care for my children around the clock. 
Seeing the kids 2 days/week. 
Seeing my husband sometimes only one day/week.

It is giving me such an appreciation and renewed love for being the manager of our home. 
For being the mother of our children.  The supporter for my husband. 
The food-maker, discipline-enforcer, puzzle-helper, fort-creator, peace-keeper, silly-dancer, heart-monitor, attitude-changer, and husband-lover.
All of this and so much more. 
I miss it all so very much.

But in an attempt to stay focused on what I CAN do during this time, Josh & I have created a syllabus of "stuff" that I am trying to complete during this time.  We are looking at about another 8 weeks of the aforementioned schedule.  And we have decided to look at it as a season that I will not experience ever again and one that I must take full advantage of.  I am without much responsibility (except to care for our little baby girl in my womb) and am required (by my doctor) to be in Wenatchee, away from my family & home.

This offers something I have not had in a while...time to read.

So here is the "syllabus" that Josh & I have worked on.  It may get a little tweaking, but for now I am excited to work on it daily...hoping to redeem this very unique time.  I post it to encourage others and for you to see the list and then pray for me as I endeavor to savor each of these titles!

I will post updates every once in a while to say I have finished a book. And let you know what I thought.  For now, let's start with the list. (not listed here is my continuation of our church's daily Bible reading plan for the year...I am not quite done from 2009, but am keeping at it.  And loving it!)

1. The Legacy of Sovereign Joy, Piper (Done...Dec. 22nd!)

2. The Hidden Smile of God, Piper (need to order...)

3. Filling up the Afflictions of Christ, Piper (need to order...)

4. Suffering and the Sovereignty of God, Piper/Taylor (all lectures are online at DG)

5. What’s the Difference, Piper (Done...Dec. 23rd!)

6. Gospel-powered Parenting, Farley

7. The Pleasures of God, Piper (Chapters 1-5, 8, Epilogue & Appendix)

8. Biblical Womanhood in the Home, Demoss (Done Jan. 5! Second time I've read this one...)
(reprinted as Becoming God's True Woman)

9. Knowing God, Packer

10. The Doctrines that Divide, Lutzer (Chapters 9-13)

11. The Ministry of Motherhood, Sally Clarkson

12. The Big Picture, Roberts (need to order)

Other reads include:

The Well-Trained Mind: A guide to classical eduction at home, Bauer & Wise (just borrowed it...need to order my own!)

Prayers of an Excellent Wife, Case (which I mentioned I wanted in my stocking...hint, hint, hint!)

From Clutter to Clarity: Simplifying life from the inside out, Twigg

We've also included sermons to listen to and scriptures to memorize and meditate on. 
Whew...I have got some work to do. :o) 
But it is good and I pray that my time would be sweet as I seek the Lord in his Word and the words of His saints.

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gesuslover said...

You go girl! Thank you for sharing what you miss about being a wife and mother puts it into perspective for us who are frazzled at home haha. I pray for you that God speaks new life and rejuvination in you during this time Sharon. Bless you special woman of God.