Monday, November 3, 2008

Coaching days are numbered...

Well, this is my final week of volleyball practice. We have our last 2 games this weekend, both at home. Friday night is University of Puget Sound. Number 2 in the league...a formidable opponent. And Saturday is Willamette. Not number 2 in the league, but someone we lost to last time around.

It is, as they say, bittersweet. I have really enjoyed my time coaching these ladies. And it has confirmed to me that if I wasn't a blessed mother of 2 small children, wife to a visionary and exciting husband, who already enjoys her "day job" (nursing) and if I felt it could be beneficial to my family and the Lord...I would love being a head coach. I just love it.

Coaching is a tremendous opportunity to influence young lives. Not just in volleyball (although many of you know how passionate I am about that), but in their daily lives. I have had conversations with these ladies about everything from marriage to salvation, from children to careers, from family problems to future choices and everything in between.

And I am saddened by some of their stories and humbled at their respect for my counsel. I have had the unique role of being "aunt/big sister/friend" to many of them. And I have really enjoyed every minute of it.

Ok, let's be honest, I really hate the losing part.

But, soon it will all be over.

This season in life for our family has been challenging at times. Mommy gone Friday & Saturday nights...sometimes in Spokane, Seattle, Colorado. Missing dinner every night because of practice and the 50 minute commute.

Truly, we could not have done it if it weren't for our landlords. :o) Carey & Tarah ("Uncle Mac & Auntie" as they're lovingly called), have gone above and beyond in blessing us during this time. If it weren't for them, we couldn't have made it!

They have sacrificed much of their time, energy and alone-time for our family. And we say a public "Thank You". They have been servants with gracious and humble hearts. We love them.

So, I will let you all know how it goes this weekend. And just so you can know the girls and be praying for them, here are their names. Ashley, Jessica, Natalie, Ashleigh, Lani, Jen, Megan, Lindsay, Carly, Sarah, Natali, Kristen, Chelsea, Stephanie, Sara, Ali and Jenna.

Go Bruins.

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