Monday, November 24, 2008

Moving Day (well, sort of...)

Well tonight I am wrapping up a week-long packing effort. We are going to Wenatchee tomorrow for the Thanksgiving holiday...and Christmas...and New Year's. In other words, I have been packing for me and the children to live in Leavenworth for 6 weeks.

Yup, you heard me right, 6 whole weeks. Whoa! I have not been back to that beloved valley since August 19th or so. And the thought of driving the 6 hr trek with our children 4 times in a month (for both holidays), did not seem incredibly ideal.

So we decided, after the gracious offer of Mom & Dad (Josh's parents), to have me & the kids just stay in Leavenworth through the holidays. It will be wonderful...once we get there. :o)

And I am pumped. The reasons are numerous...

I cannot wait to see friends and family (don't have room to list them all here!) whom I have missed so very much.

I cannot wait to enjoy the crisp, dry cold of the Wenatchee Valley fall & winter.

I cannot wait to visit Knitabili-Tea downtown to have Bombay Chai tea with my friends.

I cannot wait to see fresh snow on the mountains...and in our backyard!

I cannot wait to savor moments by the fire with my husband (since he won't have any homework...)

I cannot wait to be HOME.

I cannot wait to worship together with our church family at Grace Covenant.

This last one is probably close to the top of the Sundays have been the most difficult time during our season of life here.

Sounds funny to say, "Sundays the worst?". Well not worst...let me explain. First of all, it has been truly enjoyable in many ways as the kids & I have been able to worship with Carey & Tarah and the wonderful people at HOFCC Gresham. And Carey & Tarah have really made it possible for me to take the children to church, as single-mom church training can be difficult.

However, my husband and I and the children have only worshiped together 3 times during this season (since August). And that has been difficult. But stretching and growth-inducing as well.

I am challenged every Sunday with the examining of my heart: Is Christ really my first love? Do I go to church just because my husband is the pastor? If he's not here, do I still seek after my Savior daily and lead my children in worship to Him on the Sabbath? If someone were to ask me what is best about my life, would I say Jesus...or Joshua?

I know who my husband would vote for...and so do you. It must be Jesus. He must be more precious to me than my own children or even my husband. He must be my true joy.

And so that is the heart I pray for...that the Lord would give me the passion to serve Him, love Him and lean on Him alone. Whether my husband is here or not.

So, I am excited to be with the people of GCC (my husband included) over the next couple of weeks. To experience what the Lord is doing see it first hand. To be with people whose passion and joy is found in Christ alone. And to fellowship with them and be able to ask them what is best about their life...and know what their answer will be.


So, the excitement grows as we pack tonight...dollies and pj's, Bibles and toothbrushes, bills and presents. And the reasons are endless...and to our Wenatchee & East, Cashmere, Malaga, Dryden, Leavenworth, Pateros (who did I forget?) friends and family...

We're coming home!

One final note:
To all the wonderful family and friends here in Portland...YES, I will miss you all very much, don't even doubt it. But we will return to P-town in January excited to see what the Lord has for the next "season" of our lives. For we know it will be good.

Ok, second final note:
The new pic on the blog is the wonderful work of a Godly young woman we met at HOFCC. Her desire is to use her camera for the glory of God...and she does it very well.

A delight to work with, she captured some moments with our little family last week. This is just the first we've seen, so I'll post more when we get them. If you need a photographer...use (her website is under construction). We highly recommend her.

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Andrew and Heather said...

sharon, andrew and i want to have you over (and the kids) to our place sometime...we've missed you! so give me a call sometime! it was so great so see you in church...