Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Levi...


First bite

Early morning with Dad

Everything is a weapon

My two men

Well, today is the big number 2 for our son...exactly 2 years ago, Levi Gregory McPherson was born. And what a fun kid he is growing up to be.

He is full of energy, but loves to snuggle up for a good book. He likes to run around in circles, but will stop to pick up "dolly" for his sister. He likes to listen to sister sing, but he also lies in bed at night and sings "Amazing Grace" at the top of his little lungs. He loves to climb on anything and jump off of matter what is below.

His favorite food is apple juice, followed closely by "waffools with nana's yam". He is constantly "hot" and would wear only his diaper outside, if I would let him.

He loves cars, trucks, puzzles and most of all, his puppy. And he loves to wear his baseball cap backwards like his daddy.

He is a blast and in the 2 short years of his life, he is proved to be a wonderful blessing. We are so excited to see how he and Ella grow in their relationship as siblings.

Here's some pics of him just living life (in his diaper) and during his little birthday celebration we had with my family last weekend.

2 wonderful years...we are praying he will grow into a Godly young man, passionate for His Savior and earnest to live for His glory. May the Lord grant us wisdom as we guide him in that way...

Happy Birthday Son...we love you.

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jordan's better half :-) said...

Happy Birthday Levi!! I love seeing pics of you and your family. Corban looks forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Mr. Jordan
p.s. don't jump off anything too high or you will end up w/ your arm in a sling like your cousin!!
give your sis a hug from us all!