Thursday, January 28, 2010

A day in the life...

Well, we are 34 1/2 weeks and counting.  No changes...which is good.  We are still waiting for her to get a little bigger. And while we're waiting, I thought I would explain what a "normal" day has been for me while staying here in the hospital.  (we are on day 18 at this point...yeah, 18)

5:30 or 6 am...the night nurse comes in to put our baby girl "on the monitor".  They strap on blue & pink straps around my belly that track contractions in my uterus and her movements & heart rate. Take my vital signs to make sure my blood pressure is normal as well as my temperature. 

6:40am...I usually drift back to sleep after the monitor comes off.  Baby girl is usually awake for the day! She practices somersaults while mommy tries to get a little more sleep. Emphasis on the word "tries". :o) doctor comes in to check-in and make sure I am doing okay.  Usually just a quick "Are you hanging in there?  Do you need anything?", but it's always nice to know that he hasn't forgot about me!

Oh, and the construction begins around 7 am.  The main "tower" is going up about 40 feet from my, my bed usually shakes and the noise begins.  Welders, cranes, hammering, etc...Levi's dream world.  You get the picture. 

8:30am...I usually feel like "getting up" about this time.  I seem to get my "best sleep" between the 7 and 9 am hours. Weird.  (well, that's if the construction isn't too loud...)  That definitely won't be the case once we all get home! :o)

9 am...Breakfast (ummm...current favorites include steel cut oatmeal with blueberries & brown sugar, raisin toast--I never buy it at home!, scones from Great Harvest--usually from Grandma, and the occasional scrambled egg omelet with mushrooms, ham & cheese...not all at once!).  It's really not too bad for hospital food. 

I usually am reading my Bible before and during breakfast.  I love starting the day this way and hope to continue it even after returning home. (It will however, be much earlier in the day!) I am still working on reading the Bible through in a year and hope to finish up before the little lady's gonna be close.

Take my morning meds...and get my assessment (listen to heart, lungs, tummy...check my legs for blood clots & swelling) done by the new nurse for the day.  

10am...Shower! Highlight of my kidding. 

10:20am...Reading time.  I will usually read a little more in my Bible and then dive into whatever I'm working on at the time.  Right now it's Knowing God by Packer, The Doctrines that Divide by Lutzer,  a re-read of Biblical Womanhood in the Home (Becoming God's True Woman) edited by DeMoss and Gospel-Powered Parenting by Farley.  

Then some journaling, prayer time and more reading...

It's usually pretty quiet during the morning hours.  The nurses are busy with other moms & babies and I don't have any "commitments".  I did have a physical therapist come see me today to give me some exercises to my body and muscles don't totally atrophy from the bedrest and lack of exercise! It's definitely not Tae-Boe or even hey, it's something!  I'll probably have really strong finger muscles when this is all said and done.  :o) 

12:30'ish...Lunchtime (hospital menu, show me your best...).  Sometimes, I read a little more while I'm eating. 

1pm...Catch up on "work"...finances, pay bills, work on taxes, kid's schedules, prep plan for returning home, catch up with online classes for my work, etc... Checking email, the City and my blog usually falls into this time slot as well.

2pm...Nurse comes to put me on the monitor again to check on baby girl.  Check vitals again, refill my water jug, etc...

2:40pm...Off the monitors.  I try to work on something "creative" for my little mind!  That means make my kids a card, work on ideas for our next Noble Women event, sketch design ideas for our little basement abode, etc...  

Usually I listen to music or a sermon while I am working.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law introduced me to Pandora online radio (usually Sovereign Grace music or something similar) where you can make your own "station" for free.  Or I'll listen to the Bible online at the ESV website.  You just put in a passage and click on "listen".  Sweet!
Sometimes I listen to the sermon from GCC for the week, or something by Driscoll or Piper

I try to avoid napping as that seems to keep me from going to sleep at night! No good. 

It's usually pretty quiet this time of day, as the nurses are changing shifts. 

5pm...I often catch up on the news, whether it be via Fox news or local.  This keeps me from feeling like life is all about me and this little room.  There is a huge world out there!

6pm...Dinnertime. Wednesday nights are the highlight of the week because they are "date night"!!! Josh brings dinner from somewhere yummy.  We sit and eat and person. It's wonderful.  

The other nights of the week however prove to be a little challenging for food choices.  The hospital food is not bad, mind you.  But after 18 days, my options are a little limited.  Currently cream of potatoe soup is a favorite, or chicken ceasar salad, and maybe the occasional chicken parmigiana. 

7pm...Nurses change shift again.  I'm still in bed. :o)
Josh calls with the kids on skype to have family worship and bedtime.  Sometimes I get to "sit on the shelf" while the kids wrestle with dad or jump on the bed.  They take turns telling me about their day.  Then we read the Bible story for the night and sing together.  Then we pray and Josh tucks them in and I blow kisses.  

7:30pm...the construction zone is quiet.  My night nurse usually pops in to say a quick "hi". She'll be back to check on me and baby a little later.  My eyes are usually a little tired from reading...but my body is not tired at all! 

Sometimes I journal and try to document the day or my latest feelings & prayers.  I may take the time to check some "fun blogs" about decorating, home improvement, craft projects or parenting.  I might use Facebook or the City to keep people up to date on the latest.  I have gotten so many encouraging notes via these two networks.  The Lord is using this little lady to bless many already. :o)

I also might peruse gardening books/magazines in anticipation for the spring or preview movies for my kids that I want to check out first.  Phone calls are fabulous this time of night...Josh tries to call and check in about the day or I'll hear from my family or friends.  

Honestly, this tends to be the longest part of my day.  

9:30 or 10'ish...the night nurse comes back to put the little miss on the monitor.  They do their nighttime assessment and check in to make sure I don't need anything.  It's been fun getting to know all the nurses...and I say "all" because I have been assured that I have met them all! :o) 

10:30pm...nurse says she's done for the night and will try to let me rest.  I think about going to sleep, but am usually not tired.  Soooo....back to reading or journaling to get my mind to relax and my eyes tired enough to close.  

11:30pm...seems like I can't fall asleep before this late hour.  My mind wants to but my body just hasn't burned enough energy! Some nights it's more like midnight or later before my body succumbs to sleep.  

A little tossing, a little turning, up to bathroom once or twice and...

it's 6 am before I know it!

The days do move slow and the afternoons & evenings can start to drag a little...but honestly, I am so thankful for the comfort of the Lord, for the encouragement of friends and family and for the knowledge that this challenge will soon come to an end.  
Again, thank you for your prayers and kind words...this marathon will soon be over!!! And we will all get to meet our new little girl. :o) It will be worth the wait.


Trish McKee said...

Dear sweet Sharon,
You have so been on my mind and I check every morning to see your updates. Having been on bedrest I have only an inkling of what you are going through. I am continuing to pray for you and your little miss as well as Josh and the kiddos. Love, Trish

Delena said...

Hey Sharon! I had no idea that a: you were expecting again (congrats) and b: you're stuck in the hospital! Hoping you're staying encouraged and want to let you know I'll be thinking and praying for you in the days and weeks to come. Take care. :)

Carrie said...

Sharon, I thought about you the other day when I was having a hard time with the kids. I remembered to be thankful to get to be home with them (even when they're fighting). Thanks for encouraging others in the midst of your trial.