Sunday, February 14, 2010

Can you say 3 days?

We're in the final days...3 to be exact.  
And since the Olympics are on, my adrenaline seems to have kicked in.  I feel like I am in the final days of prep before a big race. (Once competitive, always competitive...yup, that's me in the picture.  I'm the third girl from the left.  And those are my GFU hurdle teammates & coach.)   

I watched the short track speed skaters last night and found my stomach churning as they prepared to race.  I was immediately taken back to my days in track & field.  (I started competing when I was 6.)  
The moments before the race were always the most nerve-wracking.  It was then that I would think of all the training I had done to prepare for this one race.  I would visualize my race...the start, every hurdle and myself crossing the finish line in the lead.  I had one shot.  It was a ton of pressure.  But the end result was worth it.  To cross the finish line in first place was a fabulous feeling.  

So after watching them compete last night, I laid awake in bed for another hour.  My old adrenaline had kicked in and I was ready to go out and run. (...although that would have been really funny to see, given my current condition!)  

And that is how I am starting to feel about this Wednesday.  I feel like I've been in training (funny training though...laying in bed?!?) and have been preparing for this day.  Maybe more so mentally.  For the surgery itself (the epidural is really not a favorite thing of mine), for the recovery after and for my return home (nights without sleep due to a newborn girl, readjusting to my roles as wife & mother, etc...).

I feel like I am "gearing up" for many things.  So many adjustments and changes ahead.  And I am so thankful for the mental prep that I have been able to have during these past months.

My mind is not full of fear, but of hope.  
I am bolstered by truths I have read about my Lord:

About His sovereign plan...which keeps me from unnecessary worry.
About His steadfast love...which brings me perfect peace.
About His Holy word...which provides constant reassurance.
About His unending grace...which is the only reason I am here today.
About the Holy Spirit...who intercedes when I have no words. 
And about His firsthand experience of suffering & pain...which softens my heart & encourages me to endure.

I am getting ready to finish this "race" on Wednesday.  For me, this is the best way to view it.  I am excited.  My adrenaline has started pumping.  And my eye is on the goal.

With my Lord by my side, I cannot fail.  
And that is even better than Olympic gold.


Anonymous said...

Sharon - I'm so excited for you and so very glad your finish line is in sight. I've very much enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you more through what you share with us all. Our God is so great! From one c-section mommy to another - I'll be praying!!! Blessings! Robin

Joce said...

This post made me cry. . .I'm sooo excited for you. I loved the analogy, it's perfect. . .you got my adrenaline pumping. Boy do I miss those GFU track days~I get the itch every spring. Praying for you every day. You are a treasure my friend, an amazing wife, mother and friend to many. Bless you as you finish this last leg.

Carey McPherson said...

You're finishing strong my sister! Thank you for allowing us to watch you as you've taken each stride with such grace. I'll 'train' with you anytime as long as we have the same Coach! He sure is Mighty to save! Love you, Tarah