Friday, February 19, 2010

Heading home...

Amelia & I have had a lovely day.  Lots of eating (for her), then sleeping and being just a little more alert each time she is awake.  Her eyes do look blue...just like her siblings.  We will see if they stay the course or if they join the brown eyed ranks with mama. :o)

Right now, she is sleeping and I am attempting to "pack up" my room.  Thankfully Greg & Candy took some stuff home on Wednesday, but there is still much to be gathered.  Most of it is evidence of sweet blessings from friends & families...homemade blankets, snacks, journals, great books and clean laundry (thank you grandma!).  As I pack, it feels a little sureal that tomorrow we will be heading home!

Home!!! I cannot wait...and cannot believe it's really here. 
I can't say that I will miss this place, but I will miss the people.  I have enjoyed some wonderful fellowship with many of the nurses here and hope to stay connected with them in some way.  Miss Amelia and her journey to get here have made quite an impact on many I hope to return in a couple months just to say hello and show them how much she has grown. (and what I look like when I am standing up!) :o)

Well, I must finish packing my stuff, the little lady is stirring and my time is short.  I don't have new pictures from today, but do check out Joshua's blog to see some cute one's from her birth-day.  I will post some pictures and possibly video of our family reuniting tomorrow.  The kids will have their first look at their new baby sister...should be the kind of stuff memories are made of. 

Blessings and a final farewell from the hospital...
Sharon & Amelia

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Rachel said...

Congratulations, Sharon and family! Your mom told me about your new little one and shared your blog with me so I thought I would comment and say hello! Hope all continues to go well at home! Still love ya tons!