Monday, February 1, 2010

Did I say we have a plan?

"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps."  Proverbs 16:9

As I updated last night, we have a plan to keep this little one inside until the 37th week.  And so my mind was at ease at the thought of something so concrete.  Hmmmm...guess the Lord wants me to trust Him and not a plan.

Let me explain...

This morning, my nurse came in at 5:45am to put me on the monitor.  She asked how I slept and I said that my night had been quite fitful.  I had been up at least 5 times and my back was really sore.  She started the monitor, which records our little girl's heart rate and movements, as well as any contractions I might have.  Our girl started wiggling and "performing" right away.  The nurses all laugh because she starts to "dance" as soon as they hook it up.  :o)  

I dozed off & on, as I was quite tired from my night.  My nurse returned 20 minutes later, looked at the strip and said, "Ummm, are you feeling any of these contractions?"  She showed me the strip and much to my surprise, I had had 6 contractions in about 25 minutes.  
I said I didn't think I'd felt them, but that my back was still quite sore.  (Sharon, can you say "back labor?")  So we called my doctor who said this could go on for days or weeks, or it could be the start of true labor, and we could have this girl before we know it! 

But, as the day has progressed, the contractions have disappeared again. So, we are back on track with the plan.  I think. :o) 

We'll keep you posted and in the meantime, I am loosely holding on to the plan...but am holding tightly to & trusting our Lord.  That's better than our plans anyway.

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Proud Parents said...

Shall we say it was an "almost" you've said, He knows and has a perfect time for all things. Still learning that at my age but it's tremendous to see you young things trusting Him step by step! As hard as this is, just enjoy! Won't be long and you'll be longing for some quiet times again. :)
Love, Pam

Imagine you'll be laying out this weekend, but JJ and Janine will be down for the 10-year reunion at Fox. That's UNREAL!

Nancy Grette said...

Hi Sharon,
It is so good to have a "peek" into your life as you await your little darling. Your perseverence and faithfulness is so amazing and inspirational. Very soon you will be together under one roof. I know how a mother longs for that. We love you and miss you! Nancy Grette

Knapp said...

Sharon- So good to see you today what a blessing you are to me. You look great girl you (DO) pregnancy very well! I pray your lil one stays in until the right time that only the Lord knows. I am praying for you and your wonderful family. I will be thinking of you next Tuesday and we will soon be playing together if not this year for sure next I want you on my team...I have learned not to play against you hehe. Bless You friend. Your fan T