Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweet gifts, updates and a good book...

Four (fun) things to report today:

1. A thank you to my friends who gifted us with some really cute gift baskets today! And of course, they both made them all by themselves...I am sure they could do it for a profit. :o) See for yourselves...

Thank you my was so fun to see your smiling faces, your cute children, and just "chat" about life.  I am waiting to open these until Josh & I have date night'll be a fun part of our evening together.

2. Speaking of date night...yea!!! Josh will
be coming tonight for a little while.  Hopefully we will have some yummy food, some wonderful conversation and maybe another discussion about her name.  Well, the name discussion, that might be asking alot. :o)

3. And speaking of asking a lot...we keep hoping and praying that our little girl will continue to stay inside.  I have had contractions today, but not as frequent.  They are pretty "strong" (that's such a relative term) and show up quite nicely on the monitor.  So far, my count today is about 8.  That's been since 9:40am this morning.  And it's 4pm.  So that averages out to about 1 every hour or so.  Not too bad...

4. And speaking of praying...(ok, that was a bit of a stretch)...I have been so enjoying my "Prayers of an Excellent Wife".  And I know I have already mentioned it before, but it has been so good, that I am mentioning it again!  What a wonderful way for me to pray the scriptures over my Love.  In fact, because of it's format, I have begun to see ways to use other scriptures I read in my quiet time & turn them into prayers for my family & friends. How exciting!

One of the most enjoyable things I have been doing with these prayers, is writing them on cards or putting them in an email and sending them to Josh at least once a week.  Most of the time, I get so excited about the prayers that I send them more often!  This way, he gets to enjoy them along with me and know what I am praying over him every day. 

So, not to sound like a broken record...but I am saying women, this is a fabulous resource & tool to add to your library.  And men, there's one for you too.  It's called Water of the Word and is also a Bible-saturated, theologically sound resource for prayer and intercession for your bride.  Both books are downloadable for free at the author's website...or order a copy so you can mark the days and record the prayers answered!



aejames said...

who brought you the awesome baskets? so fun! hope you enjoyed your time with josh last night. praying for you...and you're so right... prayers of an excellent wife is very, very good. loving it!

Jen Welch said...

I have been following your journey with baby #3 and have loved praying in the background for you :) It has been wonderful to see the blessings that God has been pouring over you daily. Sometimes those small daily blessings get lost in the dust until He grabs us and sits us down so we can quietly see them one by one. I was so excited to read the excerpts from Prayers of an Excellent wife that I ordered it right away. These are just what I was hoping to find. :)
Jen Welch

Renae said...

Hi Sharon! I ordered "Prayers of an Excellent Wife" and am loving it!! What an amazing blessing!! Thank you for suggesting it! I'll tell Chris about the "Waters..." one. Still praying for each one of you!! Renae