Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Tonight I am excited...of course!

Let's recap:  Tomorrow morning at 7 am we will have the amniocentesis to check on the lung maturity of our little lady.  The results take about an hour and as long as her little body is ready, we will be added on to the surgery schedule.  It could be as early as noon or later, like 4 or 5pm.  
Josh will be with me all day and will be updating everyone with the latest.  He will post here on my blog and on the City (for our church fam), as soon as we find out when we'll be going in to surgery.

Wow.  It seems pretty sureal at this point.  Tomorrow we'll have this baby.  After all this wait and all the excitement, she will be here.

And despite all the things I will be going through tomorrow to get her here (some of which are not real enjoyable), I am overwhelmed by a great sense of peace & comfort.  My sweet sister-in-law came by yesterday and shared some encouraging words:
"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.  For as we share abundantly in Christ's suffering, so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too...our hope for you is unshaken, for we know that as you share in our sufferings, you will also share in our comfort."
2 Corinthians 1: 3-5 & 7  (emphasis mine)
A wonderful exhortation to be comforted by our Lord Jesus!  Since He has been faithful every step prior to this, I am confident that He will continue to bring peace and comfort in tomorrow's events. 

So, I am heading to bed...my last night with this little lady inside the womb.  When she is here and we are able to look at her sweet face, I must admit that I will miss her little kicks & turns inside by tummy.  It is one of my favorite experiences to feel a little life growing inside...a miracle, that only a masterful creator could design.  And I am thankful & humbled to have experienced it.

We look forward to introducing her to you tomorrow...so stay tuned and please continue your prayers.  For safety, joy & comfort as we go through this next phase of the journey and get to meet the little miss.


Delena said...

Bring on the baby!!! I'll be watching for news.

Anonymous said...

I am praying! So excited to hear how all goes and the little lady's name! :) You are about to go in for the first test this morning....Im thinking about you all evening (as it is evening here in Austria).
<3 Kaylee

Andrew and Heather said...

going to be checking the blog ALL day today...so excited for you guys!!!!!

Joce said...

Eager to hear the news too. So excited for you guys and praying nonstop.

Josh said...

You are all in our prayers!!

Josh and Heather Carlson

Tarah McPherson said...

"Hi mom, I really like to look at my baby sister. Make sure daddy takes LOTS of pictures for us to see her soon. Levi and I love you VERY much. See you soon. Give sister a kiss from big brother and sister when she comes. We got our rooms all ready for you to come home and see. I want to see you right away. We can have 'gold n a bowl' when you come home with daddy." Love, Ella Mae and Levi (typed by Auntie Tarah)