Sunday, January 31, 2010

We've got a goal...

Josh & I just met with our doctor...he is so compassionate and was very concerned about Josh & I and our family.  After talking about the pros & cons, concerns & considerations...we decided to stay the course for a couple more weeks.  

My womb is the best "incubator" for our little lady, so we want to keep her in there for as long as we can.  For now, we have a goal of making it to 37 weeks.  That would be the week of February 15th.  

Since I have had no symptoms this week, there is no medical necessity that we take her out now. This is good!  The next 2 weeks will provide valuable growth time for the little miss...for her brain to grow (did you know that their little brains are only 2/3 the size of a full grown newborn if they are born before 36 weeks?), for her to put on some "fat" which is what keeps her body temperature regulated when she comes out, and for her to develop her "eating muscles" so that when she is born she will have a better chance to eat on her own! (no feeding tubes is the goal...)

So as many of you have heard me say before, I am a woman who likes goals.  They keep me focused, they bring motivation and they help define my priorities.  And like I said, one of our goals is to keep the little miss inside for 2 more least.  For me, that means obeying the rules, laying low and staying the "bedrest" course.  (honestly, I have never had a goal that included "staying in bed all day"...weird.) :o)

But really, the ultimate goal in this whole situation is that the Lord would be glorified through the events of this pregnancy and birth.  That our doctor & nurses would see something different.  That others would see the goodness of the Lord and the sovereignty of his plans.  That we, as a family, would grow in our understanding of God's grace and his unfailing love in the midst of trial.

Well, can we do it? Can I do it?  


Not without the Lord's sustaining grace to endure.  If I were to be totally honest, I would say that the last couple days have helped me come to a new understanding of the term "cabin fever".  And if it were simply left to me and my selfish, pity-full, narrow-minded self...I wouldn't be able to do it.  Seriously. 

But thankfully, it is not up to me.  And thankfully, the Lord is gracious with His children.  And thankfully, He answers time and time again...granting peace, patience, and grace every day.  I have experienced this first hand.  And I am so grateful.

So how can you pray? (many of you have asked...and have prayed...and it works! And we continue to need it!  So thank you...) 

-Please pray for my husband first and foremost.  The time apart has been very hard on both of us and we are looking forward to just being under the same roof.  We are not made to be "doing life" apart, in separate cities, for months on end.  I must admit...I just do not like it. :o(
-Pray for my children...for Ella & Levi: that they would continue to thrive under the wonderful care of our family & friends.  And for this little one-to-come...that she would grow rapidly and come when she's bigger!
-Pray for the people I come in contact with here at the hospital (my doctor, nurses, coworkers, lab techs, kitchen staff, housekeepers) that they would see the glory of the Lord in our lives and how we endure.  And then, that they would ask questions...and that I would be bold in my answers, taking advantage of the opportunity to share with them the only thing that will truly satisfy: namely, Jesus Christ. For really, that could be the reason I am here.
-And please pray for me...for the strength to endure with joy and a thankful heart.  For productive days, a clear mind and a gracious spirit.  

thankful for a goal...
and a God who is greater,

P.S.  I adjusted my "comments" section, so that you can leave a message even if you don't have a blogger account.  Many of you wished you could comment...well, now you can! Go for it...I love it. :o)


Anonymous said...

Yay! The little one is doing well, as are you. Praying for week 37 to come swiftly.
Ill continue praying for these specific requests! Oh I was able to talk to Levi yesterday morning before they left for church and he said, " Kaylee, I am a space man...and they wear Fireman pants, only sometimes do they need to put out fires on the space ship and then sometime I am a daddy."
Haha so cute.
Love you Sharon- keep that goal in sight!
Oh and thanks for making it so I can comment with no blog site. =)

Joce said...

When praying for you Sharon, i've definitely felt that you are and will have a HUGE impact on those you come across daily while in the hospital. Your joy for life, your peace and patience through all of this will speak volumes to them whether they ask questions or not. You are wonderful my friend.. . the finish line is near. Thank you for the encouragement you've been to me. I've been checking your blog daily and praying even more. I'm waiting in eager expectation for the healthy and safe arrival or your precious angel.
Blessings friend,

Anonymous said...

Sharon thank you so much for making it so I can comment also. I am confident the Lord is using you in ways you can not even imagine. I know it has not been easy, yet God is shining through you brightly!! Keep up the good fight.
You are in my prayers.
Julie D