Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Updates & little visitors...

So today we are 34 weeks and 2 days! Yeah! At this point, little victories are to be celebrated. 
Talked with my doctor yesterday and here's the latest:

-Baby girl continues to look great every time she is on the monitor...meaning her heart rate is good and she is moving a ton.  In fact, she is the most active baby I've had thus far! (could be exciting when she gets out!)

-Depending on how this week goes, we will be making decisions about when to "go in and get her".  If my symptoms increase, we will probably take her sooner.  My doctor is concerned that since we cannot now pinpoint the reason for my symptoms, we need to weigh the risks of waiting longer to get her out.  He wants to do what is the safest thing for her & I.

-If my symptoms do not increase over the next week, we may talk about leaving her in for another couple weeks?  That would be good because it would allow her eating muscles (mouth, jaw, suck reflex) to mature.  This is very important because if she were to come at 35 weeks, the likelihood for her to have to stay here at the hospital with a feeding tube would be quite high.  This would not be our first choice.

So, those are the ideas on the table.  We would appreciate your prayers over the next week or so as we discuss with our doctor, pray and seek the Lord to help guide each of us in this next step.  Our doctor is and has been fabulous during this whole pregnancy.  We trust him completely and know that he will provide us with all the medical information necessary to make the right decision. 

Thank you all so much for the sweet treats, thoughtful cards & phone calls.  They are the bright spots in my day here at the hospital! And thank you to the many who have blessed my family with meals over the last weeks (& months)...this is a huge blessing for them as they work to carry my load as well as their own.

Speaking of bright spots...the kids came and saw me on Sunday.  They sat, one on each side of me in bed, for two hours.  They did not budge.  We drew pictures, talked with nurses, had snacks, listened to sister's heartbeat and hugged...alot.  It was a wonderful day and something we all needed.  I cannot wait to be back to being their mommy...it is such a privilege.  Do we all look happy, or what?!?

Will keep you updated as things progress...we've got to get this little lady named! :o) She'll be here before we know it.

thankful, excited, expectant, and full of joy...

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