Sunday, January 3, 2010

Updates tomorrow...

Tomorrow I have my 31 week appointment and another ultrasound to look at little missy-moo. I am not really expecting any change in the news or any surprises, but I am anxious for the appointment nonetheless.  

Not anxious in a fretful or worried way, just anxious in an excited way.  

-Excited that I am already 31 weeks.

-Excited that there was good news last there might be this time.  

-Excited that I get to take a ride in the truck...with my husband. 

-Excited that this little lady has stayed inside where she belongs.

-Excited for the Vanilla Roiboos Latte from Starbucks that my husband will get me after the appointment. (with his Christmas gift card...hint, hint, hint Love?)

-Excited to see the next chapter in God's story through this little girl in our lives. 

So I will post an update tomorrow. We would appreciate your prayers as we embrace the anxious excitement. :o) 


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