Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The latest on the little lady...

So I said I would update on our doctor's appt....Aaaaannd...

(first of all, my husband beat me to it!)

To put it simply: he was encouraged. And so were we.

In fact, he was so pleased with the ultrasound (which showed that the placenta is moving even further out of the way!), that he said I could "increase my activity" a little bit. Now, don't get me wrong. That does not mean I can run a marathon.  In fact, it is still glorified bedrest with the occasional chance to get off the couch to fix a bowl of cereal. But hey, that's an improvement!

The big change is that I can sit up for some meals now.  Yes!  I still have to recline back on my "couch domain" though, lying down for the rest of the time.  Bummer. (note & interpretation: still no childcare, no housework, no being on my feet for longer than minutes, etc...that will continue until this little lady arrives.)

His next bit of good news was that if things go well (meaning: my symptoms don't worsen with this new "increased activity"...and I use that term loosely), then he would think about, maybe, possibly letting me finish my pregnancy & bedrest back in Leavenworth with my family. 

Glory be! Josh & I could not believe it!

We do have to wait & see how everything goes over these next couple weeks. But we are still so thankful for this good news.  It is encouraging and gives a wonderful boost to our souls.

In the meantime...the Lord continues to overwhelm us with His provisions through His people and it reminds us that His ways are far beyond ours.  

One particularly generous gift was given to us last week. The day it arrived was one of the hardest I have had to date, during this journey.  As Josh placed the gift in my lap, I immediately started to cry.  Almost sob.  

The gift was so perfect. So timely. So unbelievable. 
It lifted a burden I hadn't known was so heavy.

I felt so unworthy. So humbled. 
For there was nothing I could do to repay the gift. 
There was nothing I had done to deserve it. 

My husband quietly said, "Doesn't that remind you of the debt He paid?"

And I cried all the more. 
As I thought of my Savior's gift of sacrifice and pain. 
To be the atonement for my sins.  
To pay the debt of death that I could never pay. 
And there was nothing I had done to deserve it. 
And nothing I can give to repay it. 

I can only give Him my life, my affection, my praise, my gratitude, my heart, my husband, my health, my children, my mouth, my mind, my all.

And yet, it does not seem enough. 
It isn't enough. 

And that is grace. 
His matchless grace. 
A gift so incomprehensible, that you weep at the thought of it.

And so, I weep, with joy.

and with a thankful heart,


Tarah McPherson said...

We look forward to meeting this little lady soon too! Cute picture of you two. I like the heart :) Thanks for all your encouraging writings in this season of life you're in- Glory to God.

Joce said...

What wonderful news!!! Praying for you friend, always. And I LOVE your reading list~I'll have to check some of those out. Keep it up~your heart and eyes are in the right place. Many blessings to you and that precious girl you're carrying. =)