Friday, January 15, 2010

Things to pray about...

Well, it is Friday and the little lady is still inside. I have also been free of symptoms since Monday. For this we are truly thankful! We will probably have another ultrasound next Monday, to see how everything is looking.  But we will see!  Monday is a long way away... :o)

During these past few days, there has obviously been much to occupy the mind and prayer time.  Although there are many things beyond our little scenario...things that provide worldview perspective on my little hospital room here in Wenatchee.  Two things in particular have been the focus of my prayers:

1. My heart, along with the rest of the world, breaks with the pictures, stories and widespread devastation in Haiti.  I have found myself weeping for the souls of the many there who have experienced loss in ways I will probably never know.  And for those who do no know Jesus...the circumstances must be twice as frightening.  I feel quite helpless to do much from my bed here.  But pray is something I can do.  And that is not in vain. 

2. I have also had many thoughts regarding this upcoming week...Sanctity of Human Life week.  Sanctity of Human Life day was established in 2003 by President George W. Bush, as a way to increase people's awareness of the loss of life caused by abortion in this nation.  It allows a day when hundreds of supporters of human life can join in prayer and activities to raise money and support for those who would desire life for all unborn children.  

Although I cannot go and work at our local clinic, I have been able to do some tangible "helping" by stuffing baby bottles with flyers that will go out to area churches this weekend.  They are to be filled with donations to help our local clinic Life Choices for Women, which serves the women in our community who are trying to make decisions regarding "unwanted pregnancies".  I have been praying as I was filling these little bottles, for the generous hearts of the people as well as the many women who will receive counsel & services there. Many of you know this issue is close to my heart, so the emphasis of this week has only increased my prayers for these women.  And it has been even more meaningful to be doing this in the hospital...on the maternity ward...32 weeks pregnant with a little life happily kicking inside. 

And so, there has been much to occupy my mind this week.  Both these prayer concerns make "bedrest in a hospital" seem pretty posh.  

Thank you Lord for perspective...thank you for your wisdom...and thank you for the Holy Spirit and the privilege of prayer.

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Debbie Chase said...

Sharon I wish that I could visit you but I will wait till you are out of risk. I just want you to know that you are loved and that I DO KNOW what you are going through. Sometime I will have to share my story with you. God is an amazing God and He loves us SO much. I know that he has everything under control and we have to leave it with Him - even though I am sure that sometimes you have probably wondered why. However, just remember that HE cares, He knows, He understands, and He loves us more than we will ever know. Trust Him - relax and let God do all the work. My prayer is that God will keep your little sweet girl in your womb till she can totally be on her own. Blessings on you and your little family you are special. I love you - Debbie Chase